Management Development Programs (MDPs) and Workshops for Corporate Executives
These programs are designed to impart contemporary knowledge, Skills and practices in various functional disciplines of management. The participants are equipped to enhance their performance and appreciate their individual contribution against the large perspective of organizational goals and challenges. Such exposures encourage executives to think beyond the confines of their discipline and appreciate the organizational imperatives especially in terms of the cross functional needs.

Management Development Programs / Workshops

  • International Financial Reporting Standards Basic Financial Intelligence
  • Wealth Management
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Training
  • Contemporary Financial Markets and Instruments
  • Retail Banking
  • Equity Valuation
  • Enhancing Personal Effectiveness
  • Basel Ll - Merits and Challenges
  • Transforming Employees Into Leaders a Pathway
  • Data Analysis and Business Modeling Through MS- Excel 2007
  • Business Intelligence Through SAS